We live to hear our clients say that they love working with us, that we have positively impacted their business and ultimately, that we have made their lives easier.

We're iamota - a UX & UI design-led digital agency with a focus on e-commerce. We help our clients tell their stories and sell their products and services. In the process, we turn our clients’ brands into digital leaders in their respective categories.

Based in Vancouver, we’re on the path to becoming a leading e-commerce agency in North America by building on our portfolio of omni-channel clients with a focus on health and wellness, retail
and apparel.

Our team of marketing and ecommerce technologists has been focused on digital for 20+ years and has gained deep cross-device expertise over the past 14 years. Today, our digital marketing and ecommerce work is experienced by millions of consumers each month. 

The iamota hot six - a random rant on how we approach business, digital and working with our clients.

1. Perpetual Dating sucks

We strive for long term relationships with our clients where we constantly have to prove ourselves and add value. 

2. No hiding allowed

Be visible. Take responsibility for solution thinking even if we are working with other client partners. Play nice. No finger pointing. There’s no hiding. We’re accountable.

3. Give a flying funnel

Get immersed in our clients users needs. Think about the accelerators and the barriers. Go to the physical store. Shop the competition. Shop Amazon. Be conversion curious. Give a flying funnel. 

4. Together is better

Create valuable collaborations with clients to get to remarkable -  faster, better and cheaper. And with smiles. 

5. Channel your extra strength Advil – fast acting & effective

Be responsive to clients’ needs and questions with action orientated responses.

6. Make the right difference

Know, learn and make a dent in our clients’ objectives and business. 

What does iamota mean? 

iamota literally stands for “i am over the air” and dates back to when we first started experimenting with over the air (OTA) technology in 2004 - three years before the iPhone and iCloud were born. We were using OTA tech to help mobile users send content from the web to mobile phones and share content between devices of different makes and models.