Client: Kal Tire
Project: Marketing & Ecommerce Website
Categories:     Strategy, IA, UX, Design, Development
Platform: Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WordPress
Year: 2017

Kal Tire is Canada’s leading independent tire retailer with over 260 locations throughout Canada. Kal TIre is synonymous with tire expertise. A reputation earned over 60 years and a testament to its helpful “do the right thing” service. There are countless stories of the team at Kal Tire often going above and beyond to help customers. 

Buy & book online, installed in no time.

The Situation


Tires for most are a grudge purchase. What makes it even worse is tire retailers’ often offer antiquated, poor customer service, and overall experience. Tire retailers tend to hold onto knowledge and information so the customer is often made to feel taken advantage of. was a stand alone website - marketing and some “ecommerce”. It wasn’t integrated with the physical store and customer experience and limited a “transaction” to be more of a lead generator for stores. Store managers would have to follow up on orders by calling users back to confirm and schedule an appointment. This created a major disconnect in the purchase flow for the user, was far from ideal for conversions, and a hassle for store operations.

There was both the opportunity and the desire for Kal Tire to recreate the end-to-end customer tire experience, with the digital experience playing a critical role. Such an approach would not just boost ecommerce related conversions and revenue, but also be a catalyst to vastly improve operations and efficiency at the store level. 


While Kal Tire’s website was decent compared to the competitive set, the site was not up to modern user expectations - think Uber, Google, Amazon, Netflix and typical ecommerce stores.  👀


The Solution


The solution went well beyond a new website.  

The site was just part of the bigger re-imagined holistic customer experience where many current user friction points were to be removed. This involved many external partners and teams within Kal Tire. iamota handled all front end design and UX/UI deliverables and worked closely with solutions integrator OSF to complete the build. 

We wanted the digital experience to be reflective of the helpful professional service and attitude that customers find at any of the 260+ Kal Tire stores across Canada, which is something that big box retailer competitors can’t match either online or in store. 

Homepage Widget Flow

The core experience areas we focused on were: 

  • Providing tire recommendations based on not just vehicle data but on the user road conditions and driver needs and intelligently matching those with proprietary and comprehensive testing data.
  • Ability for users to see inventory levels available in specific stores to help them in their tire decision and also which Kal Tire retailer to select. 
  • Ability to see and make appointments at any Kal Tire store. 
  • For users that require it, providing education via tool tips integrated along the customer journey so users are guided throughout the purchase path.
  • Ability to compare tires, get tire testing details and even reviews and ratings on tires. 
  • Integration of the ecommerce site with WordPress to be used for select content areas.

This was a massive digital lift, but the operations lift was even bigger. The new ecommerce configuration was seamlessly integrated into the new POS systems. The digital transformation of booking appointments online and reporting inventory levels to the user necessitated order and invoice numbering. The new flows and operations necessitated beefed up call centre resourcing and training for every member of the Kal Tire team - right down to the store level.

  It has to work well on mobile too...

We wanted the digital experience to be reflective of the helpful professional service and attitude that customers find at any of the 260+ Kal Tire stores across Canada.  🇨🇦


The Outcome


A modern, friendly, and lightning fast new website that serves as more than just a website for Kal Tire. The new is a robust platform that engages customers on multiple levels and provides them with valuable tools to confidently make the right tire purchase - from the Intelligent Tire selector, to the ability to browse and compare tires or wheels, to accessing insightful tire testing results and educational resources, and ultimately to a simple buying and booking checkout process.

It’s integrated into Kal Tire’s retail systems providing one seamless customer experience. Along with other innovations, the site improves operations at Kal Tire locations by bringing visibility and efficiency to the way they manage and schedule their labour resources and their bay flow.

This truly sets the bar for the category and is inline with modern user expectations. Moreover, it sets a strong foundational platform from which to build out further enhancements.


Tire Selector


To help users who don’t know much about tires to find the right tire for their needs, the new website features an innovative, smart tire selector engine. The tool is an interactive and engaging experience that asks them some simple questions about their driving needs and preferences and then provides tire options and tailored recommendations, saving them time and making the tire selection process more approachable.




To support the goal of allowing customers to make purchases and book appointments directly online, we worked closely with Kal Tire team to map the user journey and the entire purchase flow to create a brand new ecommerce experience. 

Customers are guided the entire way with helpful educational resources starting from the Intelligent Tire Selector tool. 

The revamped Product Listing and Detail Pages are now more visual and house all of the useful product information that users should know, including Kal Tire’s tire testing results to help customers make the most informed purchase possible and replicate the Kal Tire in-store experience. 

The new site features a streamlined checkout flow and a My Account section, giving users the ability to save vehicle preferences and access order details and history, which facilitates an even more convenient shopping experience for future purchases and appointments. 

The ability to view availability and then schedule installation appointments at a selected location by the user is integrated into checkout flow, making the entire end-to-end experience at stress-free.


WordPress Integration


Kal Tire are trusted tire experts (even by Google’s search rankings), who conduct independent research and take pride in providing valuable educational resources to their users/customers. While much of the site went to the new ecommerce platform, their vast database of helpful articles and blog posts stayed on WordPress to ensure that the Kal Tire team could continue to easily add fresh, valuable content every week. 

We leveraged this section to continue to enhance Kal Tire’s reputation as tire experts and drive traffic to the ecommerce site. We didn’t want to lose our authority and leadership position; we wanted to grow it further. Working with Kal Tire and the solutions integrator, we integrated it to properly to match the new’s design to provide users with a consistent and seamless experience.