The category


With changing seasons and unpredictable weather, having the right tires on your car is essential for safety and for reliability. The average driver isn’t a tire expert - yet there are endless options and factors to consider before investing in a set of tires. The entire process can be extremely intimidating when it comes to selecting the right tires for the right vehicle and current online tire selectors miss the mark when it comes to delivering a pleasurable and simple experience.

Kal Tire wanted to change this process and perception, and ultimately add value to users' online tire search. It was important to come up with a tool that would replicate much of expert advice and guidance users would experience in a trusted Kal Tire store, but more importantly, educate users on the benefits of the different options and why the tires were right for them.


As their digital AOR, iamota was tasked with designing a better experience for their customers.


Our solution


With a track record of over 60 years of helping Canadians find the right tires for their vehicle, Kal Tire wanted to bring that experience to the digital realm with something that went beyond basic tire search results. A digital tool that intelligently recommended the right tire solutions for each unique customer need, while streamlining the process and providing an engaging experience while doing so.

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This was brought to life by iamota in the Kal Tire Smart Tire Selector. The digital tool asks the user strategic questions after the vehicle information has been entered, such as the types roads the vehicle will be driving on and the drivers’ needs and habits, to truly understand the customer. The data is then used to profile and match the best tire options based on comprehensive tire testing that Kal Tire has conducted. Driving on icy roads? You’ll need tire options that turn and stop well on ice. Users can alleviate any hesitation by viewing the tire testing results included on the product pages.

  It has to work well on mobile too...

The user experience


How does your solution bring joy to the user experience?

Buying tires shouldn’t to be a chore - it should be an enjoyable experience that rewards and educates drivers for the time they put into it. In order to do this, we made the whole experience more visual - adding images of the users’ vehicles, helpful tooltip images, and advice to help users understand different categories and tire sizes that might be right for them. This resulted in an engaging and personalized tire recommendation experience that is quick and intuitive to navigate.

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Does your solution bring clarity to the user experience?

By creating clear pathways for the user, the Smart Tire Selector distills the complicated and confusing elements that typically go into choosing the right tires. This is done by asking straightforward and simple questions, crafted by years of experience and real-world testing, garnering results to provide relevant product insight. By providing the ability to sort, filter and compare tires after the hard work has been done, users are able to clearly understand which tires are right for them and why.


How does your solution bring elegance to the user experience?

By empowering the user with the right information and seamlessly guiding the user through the process of entering their vehicle details and driving needs, the Smart Tire Selector becomes more of a high-touch experience than a task that needs to be done. 


The use of visuals paired with personalized guidance and the ease of use allows customers to feel educated and informed about choosing the right tires for their needs.


How does your solution provide an innovative user experience?

iamota has built a smart solution that matches the behaviours and preferences of today’s consumer, who uses digital tools for efficiency and research rather than going to a brick and mortar store for the answers. The Smart Tire Selector replicates Kal Tire’s high-touch in-store experience through thoughtful and considered questions to truly understand the user and their tire needs. In the process, it produces a set of results that immediately makes sense for the users' driving needs.


The impact


The tool was launched with the new Kal Tire website in June 2017. Since the launch, Kal Tire is seeing an increase in the number of users that are selecting a product and adding to cart. This is precisely the behaviour change we sought. Users are confident in (and educated on) their tire recommendation which is leading to a  trusted selection. So much so that they add to their cart.