Client: SUGOI
Project: Marketing Website
Categories:     Strategy, CX, UX, UI, Development
Platform: WordPress
Year: 2018

As a provider of high performance cycling, training and tri apparel, SUGOI offers a bespoke customization service which allows teams, clubs and retailers to personalize their kit with branding, logos and colours, allowing them to create a sense of community.



Built with the User in Mind


With products and service that are second to none, SUGOI wanted to step up the digital and overall customer experience. We were brought in to revamp their custom site to help customers easily learn about the service, understand the process and explore their unique product offering.


An exploration into the business clearly highlighted four key personas, each with distinct needs and flows. To tackle this issue we brought the user to the forefront, speaking to each with the information and triggers relevant for them.



Browsable Simplicity


With a desire to allow potential customers to browse through the available product ranges with ease, we designed single collection pages made up of a sleek expandable product grid. Quality of information was key - showing the product offering as a whole and providing just enough for users to know “my team will love this gear!”



Ready to Go?
Let’s Get Started!


SUGOI pride themselves on their impeccable customer service, so a key objective was to drive users to get in touch. We provide users a clear and identifiable route to getting started from anywhere on the site, by ensuring a standout CTA in the navigation as well as positioning a more visual driver at the footer of all key pages.

Mock - Home Page@2x.jpg


Let’s Talk Performance.


SUGOI Custom was designed, built and improved upon to deliver the optimal experience no matter your device, environment or internet speed.

We took SUGOI's performance-focused mindset and applied it to the site! Creating a light-weight, blazing fast website that showcases their custom designs. Product collection pages support dozens of high-quality photos and videos, but with a combination of low-quality image placeholders and lazy loading assets only when you need them, we were able to deliver photo-finish levels of speed.